Traditional Sweets

Traditional sweets displayed in jars have always been popular here at Tortolano’s and that’s one thing that’s unlikely to change.

Whether it’s the old favourites like soor plooms, bonbons or midget gems to the more modern rhubarb & custard and terrific turtles, there’s a sweet for all tastes.

Our Range

The range of around 60 jars regularly displayed includes:

Cinamon Balls ~ Soor Plooms ~  Fruit Buds
Summer Creams ~  Edinburgh Rock
Sherbet Straws ~  Butternuts ~  Oddfellows
Aromatics ~  Jelly Beans  ~  Cola Bottles
Choc Nibbles ~ Tiny Tatties ~  Foam Bananas
Liquorice Comfits ~  Strawberry Straws
Strawberry Bonbons ~  Toffee Bonbons
Blue Raspberry Bonbons ~  Tango Bonbons
Vimto Bonbons ~  Dolly Mixtures ~  Wine Gums
Liquorice Allsorts ~  Jelly Babies ~  Fruit Salad
Midget Gems ~  Sports Mixture ~  Licorice Gums
Raspberry Ruffles ~  Milk Chocolate Caramels
Chocolate Italian Creams ~  Terrific Turtles
Chocolate Russian Caramels ~  Jazzies
Sherbet Strawberries ~  Sherbet Lemons
Sweet Peanuts ~  Cola Cubes ~  Snowies
Pineapple Cubes ~  Irn Bru Fizz ~  Floral Gums
Raspberry Fizz ~  Milk Chocolate Raisins
Pink & Blue Bottles ~  Rhubarb & Custard
Giant Gobstoppers ~  Giant Strawberries
Fizzy Strawberries ~  Argentinas ~  Cherry Lips
Water Melons ~  ABC Letters ~  Vimto Millions
Strawberry Millions ~  Bubblegum Millions
Raspberry Millions ~ Foam Strawberries
Flying Saucers ~  Turkish Delight
Chocolate Covered Toffee ~ Vanilla Fudge
We also sell Bothwell Candy tablet and macaroon bars.